How do you feel about... rectangular pizzas?



Getting the feckin’ square pizzas in tonight isn’t it?


Il cappuccino the sandwich place


I feel they’re the footcher


The crate yr own ones from Asda are great. The Morrisons equivalent that I always get from work for a quid are pretty good too. The Waitrose ‘Menu’ ones are also well good, but only to be purchased when on offer (they’re about 6 or 7 quid normally I think) or in the shop at work.


looks really sore to the touch :frowning:


Sainsbos bros - you better not let me down!

Whose pizza opinions do you trust more

I don’t like pizza


or a pre warmed pizza stone, if you really want a treat.

Glorified round baking trays are basically a waste of time.

to answer you, @plasticniki: it’s pizza, so any shape is generally acceptable, as long as the pizza is good/well cooked. (so basically not burned or soggy, and no pineapple.)


the one I had was round, and only had a swirl of tomato on top - but still damn delicious.


Bought one of the posh Sainsbo pizzers a few year back and it was comfortably the worst pizza I’ve ever had. Their cheaper ones do a job though


Behave yersel ttf


ya frozen mug


They are better with hoi sin sauce than tomatoey


Tell you what’s really good

cold, mega cheap margherita pizza

Like you used to get at parties as a kid


5 additional grams of pizza for 2 pounds less than the non-frozen option.


i’m banking on it.


two pounds more for your rickets treatment fund i guess


You’d love the duck pizza from republic bier hall


A rectangular pizza, strapped to a rucksack, belonging to a cyclist, in London.

No. Nothing.


Like a cat. Tied to a stick. That’s driven into frozen winter shit.