How do you feel about skeuomorphs? (Rolling)

Against them in principle? Love 'em?

Argue passionately about them here.

Apparently the textured ridge design on the outside of a walnut whip is a skeuomorph. Only marckee knew that previously.

I prefer them

I found out long ago, it’s a long way down the holiday road so you might as well travel in the comfort and luxury of a skeuomorph.

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I like them.
I don’t like when people lie with stuff like “my child asked why I had a big version of the save button :laughing:

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Broadly against

they’re vile

Big fan of the camera shutter noise still being used on smartphones, a decade after any 16 year old would know what a film cannister was. So unnessesary.

gotta make stuff look like something haven’t you

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Very much in favour of them.