How do you feel about: the Dyson Airblade tap?



Pretty good right?


Only just found out about it put it seems peng as fuck yeah


haven’t come across these yet so i’ll reserve judgement if that’s ok


I look forward to using one of these.


I’ve decided my opinion on this (and motion sensor flushing etc) is that it’s bollocks and will end up destroying our immune systems over the next few generations.


Thank you for using the parlance of my peers.


looks like i could pretend to ride a bike as i’m washing my hands. so yes.


Absolutely fine Lopes, thank you for being so open-minded. I will bookmark this thread and eagerly await your response.


you’re a gentleman J_I


I don’t know.


Absolutely disgusting


I think they don’t go far enough. There should be a huge Dyson drying machine covering a whole wall of any public toilets, should be like a wind tunnel in there.


I’ll add that move to my “size up the box” and " fight the giant" dance moves


i don’t think i’ve come across the "fight the giant"
colour me intrigued


How is this new to anyone? Is it because you all live in London so never have any need to have a piss in an airport?

They’re shite.


They’re not very good. It’s very easy to set off both the water and the air at the same time.

Also, people instinctively rub their hands together under the air, triggering the water again, and getting their hands wet.


Oh yeah. That’s so true.

Are these designed for home use rather than commercial? You could have a nightmare if your sink had filled with water and you activate the air.


You hold your hands at a kind of weird angle too and the sensors aren’t great and they stop blowing randomly.

Airblades >>>


I didn’t even realise it was air. I thought water was coming from the sides, soap from the middle. Clearly involving air is an absolute shitstorm waiting to happen.

This is a better idea. Fuck you Dyson. Use my idea. Pay me money.


I think they’ve made it almost impossible to dry your crotch when you’ve splashed yourself/spilt something/pissed yourself so no, I do not approve