How do you feel about this tweet?

“This year I made over £200k, mainly whilst sat at my kitchen table, drinking gin & doing what I love. That’s incredible to me, so here’s a quiet little celebration tweet. It’s all possible, friends x”

Irked for the following reasons:

  1. Bragging about money
  2. Mentioning “gin” as if it’s a personality trait instead of a widely available drink
  3. “a quiet little celebration tweet”

Sounds like someone warming up for The Apprentice 2018

Insufferable dickhead tweet.


sounds like a nice person tbh.

They can fuck off too.


Backstreet abortion doctor?

runs away

pretty horrible

then I googled it and found out she’s a telegraph columnist

so bad all round


Instagram Expert • Creative Business Coach • Writer & photographer who’s good at the internet • #hashtagauthentic


imagine how much they could have made if they weren’t sitting about pished in their kitchen


This year I made around £55k, sat at my desk, posting on music social baord site drowned in sound and sometimes even sober. Just a quiet little celebration post lol teeheehee


Well, she revealed she’s at her kitchen table all the time so presumably she’s well poised to lunge at any prospective burglars in a gin-addled rage and wielding a fuck-off bread knife so I don’t think she has to worry about that


Instagram tips: why I love shooting iPhone

Oh God. Why did you post this. Having a trawl through her blog now and gagging.

From her wedding blog entry…

“As the pianist played a bit of Regina Spektor, we had a shower of rose petals, and then strolled over to pop open Champagne which we drank from dreamy champagne bowls. We opened the huge metal doors at the back of the barn to uncover the landscape and hugged all our favourite people, and heard their treacherous stories of arriving over winding lanes, closed motorways and muddy fields.”


Sounds like quite the wedding!

The tweet sounds like one of those laminated signs you see cable tied to a road sign on the North Circular

“Make money working from home!”


saw this, her blurb thing says shes an instagram expert? which is apparently a thing? a thing you can make 200 grand from?

TBH I thought this was Katie Kirby (?) from Hurrah For Gin, and I was going to say “ah fair enough, she’s pretty amusing”

I Made £200K From Insta With This One Neat Trick!