How do you feel about this

A person buys a multipack of crisps: 6 packets, 3 flavours, 2 packets per flavour.

When they want one they put their hand into the bag and pull out the first packet that their hand grabs. They deliberately pick blindly despite having preferences.

  • This is strange
  • This isn’t strange
  • No strong feelings either way
  • Other (please specify)

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Nowt weird about that, surely? It’s how I normally select from a multipack.

you don’t want to eat all the best ones first


This is exactly how I’d pick.


Don’t know if I would say that’s strange, but I do carefully choose which flavour I want depending on a multitude of factors, too many to list here!

Lucky dip isn’t it. It doesn’t get more exciting than that!

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Unless you’ve got a particular hankering for one type, this is the only way to do it surely (I used to go out with someone who’d unwrap packs of fruit pastilles/wine gums so she could see all the varieties then eat them in reverse order of preference, I took a dim view to this practice)

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I just wondered if that was a damning insight into our character

Funny when I open this thread now there are zero replies and the poll isn’t there either. As though I’m saying ‘how do you feel about this?’ with regards to a blank page

I will sometimes do this though, admittedly


A lovely surprise every time.

Tyrrell’s were going cheap when we ordered the shopping for this week. Have just dug into my first bag.

Worst crisps ever.

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But if you use a random method as this says, you might end up eating the best ones first.

Ergo, it’s strange.

Because you always save the ready salted for me because you’re a great bloke?

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Ready Salted is fucking great. Reliable for any and every situation.


Not really a fan of Walker’s’s, but their ready salted always goes down well.

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Gonna have some crisps tonight.

My new local stocks Taytos, Tavern, The Real Crisp Co and Pipers.


This is my jam, to be fair.

then god is smiling on you

You spread tortillas on toast?

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