How do you feel about: toilets which flush with a motion sensor

I hate them. They are bullshit.


i hate them as well

Are you a potty training child?

I think they are largely fine however I did end up with a wet arse after using a toilet with a malfunctioning auto-flush sensor in Milan airport last year which wasn’t a huge amount of fun.

Oh they have them everywhere in America and our youngest hates them so much that she will risk a bladder infection in order to not use them.

No, I am not.

We have them in all the loos at work. They flush when there is any tiny bit of movement. Fucking well annoying.

Yesterday I was getting changed in another loo cubicle and it flushed four times as I was moving about getting changed. What a waste of water!!

pretty great tbh. like to pretend I’m a jedi when I use them.

no strong feelings one way or the other


and motion sensor taps. fuck them too!

I put it to you that you shat in a bidet.

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That’s bang out of order mate, I’ll see you in court


Motion sensor soap dispenser (The new Kate Tempest EP, available 31/03/2017) are the fucking worst. Always leave a trail of soap when you pull your hands away

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I have wee’d on myself many a time from being scared when the flusher goes off and i’m mid-wee.


Theyre a good laugh

Client I used to visit quite often in Brussels had toilets which not only flushed on an overly-sensitive motion sensor, but also cleaned the seat while flushing. How did they clean the seat? It rotated through 360 degrees, getting cleaned as it rotated. So if you triggered the flush, you then had to quickly transition to a squatting position for a few seconds as the seat did its thing. Absolute shambles.

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How do we feel about the toilet feature I like to call ‘The continental europe shit-viewing platform’

  • Good thing
  • Bad thing
  • Absolutely no idea what you’re on about, pal

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Having thought about it, I do see the drawbacks of self-flushing toilets, but I think on balance I’d rather have them since such a large portion of humanity seems to think that flushing a public toilet is an act that is beneath them. Maybe instead of self flushing toilets, we could have a sensor that checks to see if you’ve flushed it yourself, and if not, if fills the cubicle with ricin gas and then drops your body through a trapdoor below.

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The poo shelf? Seems like an insane design decision to me

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Jumped up
Still weeing