how do you find clothes online?

google seems to be rubbish, kind of has been for ages. loads of results from awful scammy companies, for example

do you just have loads of companies you trust?

I want to find nice clothes at sale prices ideally, idk

Pretty much this.

Generally buy clothes from the same 3 or 4 sites - Carhartt, Palace, Norse Projects and some stuff from Asos.


I wear really boring clothes tbh so stick to a few high street staples like uniqlo and h&m mostly, and this isn’t common but if I see something nice on someone on Instagram that I like, I’ll try to find it or something similar using Google

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Most of mine are from high street shops or well known online retailers. I’m cautious about ordering stuff from sites I’ve never heard of unless I’ve reason to believe they’re alright. If I want to buy, say, a jumper, I would start with whichever retailers I could think of that might sell the kind of thing I want. I wouldn’t google unless I was having a hard time finding something suitable.

What are you looking for? Either item of clothing-wise or style of thing. Maybe someone will be able to suggest somewhere?

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Another vote for Davidoff generic high street outlet. I keep getting adverts for Rapanui for some reason but I’ve never been quite convinced.

Oh, in the slightly sketchy spam-ad category: I bought a pair of New Balance trainers from Brand Alley for £30. And they were fine and the right size and were delivered promptly and I don’t think my identity has been cloned yet.

2 Likes dot com


couple shops i swear by for most stuff, then just occasionally take risks for the outlying items

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I rarely buy clothes these days but I find putting a rough description of what I’m looking for into Google pretty effective.

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I didn’t mean for this to sound as snarky as it reads.

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Good Jeans is the most 00s indie band name eber


I’m looking for some autumnal clothes - jumpers, cardigans, beanies - that aren’t just plain colours

like, it seems strange that it’s so difficult to just find stripy clothes? hmm!

Sorry, I’ve got a bit of hay fever


the algorithm is doing its best

try harder, little algorithm

They’ve shown you the best jeans, what more do you fucking want?


I might try Thread, I do think I have an account

maybe the problem is nobody makes interesting clothes because generic stuff is lower risk


Buy all eight and we’ll pick them at random at the next fenino


That Gant jumper tbf

Ok but I’m rigging it so I get the leopard print