How do you find out about shows?

Venue website? Word of mouth? Flyers? Subliminal advertising?

Genuinely alarmed that I had to rely upon serendipity to discover that Julia Holter, Eli Kesler and Tashi Wada Group are playing Round Chapel next month through a recommendation via randomly checking if Andy Stott is on tour. I had no idea this was on.

I mean, I can’t rely on luck to discover shows.

I use the Dice app and venue websites like Café Oto and get promoter notifications from Upset the Rhythm, Eat your own Ears, Bird on a Wire etc, yet I still find that I’m missing out on shows.

What do you use to find out about shows?

Songkick is pretty decent. DiS is probably my main source though


Yeah, Songkick, DiS or

Back in the day it was The NME on a Wednesday morning.

generally though facebook. the gig announcements tend to rise to the top of my feed. i have a particular music site set to ‘See First’ in my feed which helps.


Song kick and all the local music sites’ twitter feeds etc.

Songkick and Bandsintown and all the ticket agency emails (although they’re getting less good) and Resident Advisor every so often and here, of course

I follow a lot of artists on twitter, songkick, DiS, RA

Started using Songkick earlier this year, and it’s been hugely helpful.

It maybe sounds a bit obvious but signing up to artist mailing lists is also good. Would recommend checking to see whether your fav bands do them.

How about we start collaborative Google Docs for gigs in various UK cities?

any idea what second release and final release mean for the tickets for the julia holter/tashi wada thing?

Checking ticket listings on one of the local record shops (Crash or Jumbo in Leeds), or artist facebook pages usually.

Same as other peeps, Songkick linked to my Spotify, sometimes highlights bands I wouldn’t have thought about. Also following local gig promotors on the socials helps.

No idea. I just went for second release. Why pay £2 extra for the same show?

Bandsintown was pretty good but the app stopped working on my phone. It hooked up to so knew what artists I was likely to want to see. itself is good for a similar reason, just browsing the events page. Otherwise I follow all the local venues on Facebook and stuff pops up there. Bristol Ticket Shop is good for random gigs too, I rarely go outside the local area.

Londonears can be useful, f you’re in London that is.

Smash Hits

The Shows That Wouldn’t Slow Down

Or Look-In


and local venues. This is now my number one way of finding out. With Songkick second. Songkick always updates at 5am for some reason, so its one of the first things I read on a morning.


Primarily Songkick now, which on the whole I think is great but I have had a few frustrating occasions where I’ve been notified about a gig (generally where they’re one off shows rather than tours) only to then discover it had actually been announced a little while previously and is already sold out

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