How do you fold clothes properly nicely?

it’s really hard I can never figure it out!

If there some kind of easy trick or do you just have to be good with spacial awareness?

Fold in half widthways and again lengthways. That’s all there is to it.

My mom always used to get annoyed with me and my dad for folding towels ‘the wrong way’ though…

People in shops seem to do it some kind of mystical fast and neat way. There are probably YouTube tutorials.

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yeah but when you fold a jumper or some such, how to you get the arms not all squished and fucked up?

I’m glad I’m not the only one! I feel like this is a technique that will elude me forever…I usually end up making them look neat on the outside to belie the creased horror inside!

If you have to, its best to roll rather than fold things for a suitcase. Especially shirts and trousers.

There’s a special technique that’s worth learning for folding a suit jacket


Yes there are…

Still just fold mine in half and wedge them in a drawer mind…

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I can’t tuck a shirt in properly, always have too much hanging out or it looks too tight.

Help me adult.

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What type of height/build are you? Might need a different cut…

just tried this and it really works, I’m shit at it but it’s like magic!



Think I’m 5’ 9", and my build is just the wrong side of thin to be happy in a very tight t shirt. Probably.

I’ve got some slim fit shirts, which I wear when I’m feeling alright about myself. Not for everyday wear though.

Slim varies massively by shop. For example, Zara slim fit is super slim while M&S is fairly generous. Next is somewhere inbetween. As such, maybe try M&S’s slim fit? Also, make sure you’re buying the right neck measurement and not just the same one you were 10/20/whatever years ago…

They are M&S…

I might just be an odd shape. Sorry Bammers, feel like I’ve jumped all over your thread, although your question seems to have been answered.

I do vertical folding (so your clothes stand up instead of stacked on top of each other) and it is a game changer

Go on…

ie, folding your clothes to look like this:

It massively saves space (I just moved into a teeny studio, and have nowhere to put my stuff), and you can see everything in your drawer when opening it.

This is absolutely incredible. Everyone needs to see this.




I’ve done this before. Pretty soon there’s a sloppy laundry putting away day and it all goes to shit.

@Bamnan I feel your pain.