How do you get the custom Titles?

As OP. Just curious.

harass a mod until they give in


Up your game, man.

Yeah ask @whiterussian to give you a title thing.

I did once try to update to make it a user-set field but it turned out in the conversion everyone’s real name had defaulted into the field so it was a bit dodge

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Some badges give you titles btw. Like your Regular, you should be able to select I think.

Aye, just ask. Any mod can do it… For example, check yours now.


Hmmmm mm.

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Wish my title was green hair don’t care

Like this?

:heart_eyes: Altho the pedant in me would like the g lower case #somethingaboutgifthorsesandmouths


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Of course!

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I actually did just check your FB in case you’d dyed it green. Disappointed frankly ; )

Have you not seen the selfie threads?

I tend not to bother

Ooh nice!

Actually after the revelation we couldn’t delete our own pics I’d assumed you wouldn’t be likely to post in those threads. D’oh.

When my hair has all gone grey I might try this sort of thing but bleaching it first is such a monumental pain. The blue hair was a one off!

Yeah thought about it and then decided what the heck. Will probably have a moment of clarity one day and ask to retrospectively delete them all. I think the selfie threads are quite transient anyway so surprised it isn’t already an option

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