How do you get yourself up and out of bed in the morning?

proper struggling with it


With great difficulty :frowning: might start sleeping with the curtains open.


Children scream at me


Put your phone or alarm on the other side of the room


At the last possible minute

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Go running

Or the cat shouts at me


I don’t have a choice these days but before M I honestly just couldn’t do it. My sleep is awful but I get some really good sleep just before dawn and for most of my life waking up in the morning has felt impossible, wonder if I have something more than insomnia tbh. In the past I’ve lost jobs because of it.

No matter what I did nothing helped, but now, besides having a kid which has sorted that out, I make sure to have a clutter free bedroom that has no distractions, try to establish a bedtime routine, do whatever you can to make bedtime go smoothly and that should help with the mornings.

I’d really like a lumie lamp for the mornings but they’re a bit pricey

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Alarm goes off, get up. What’s the problem?


it’s impossible when its dark outside isnt it

I really hate the winter


Stop sleeping in the park then


this always worked for me when I had to leave the house afterwards, since it’s started getting cold and i’m stuck at home i just switch my alarm off and get back into bed

Got a Wallace-inspired contraption set up that throws me down the stairs when the alarm goes off


Although saying that, I think my actual favourite feeling in the world is when you wake up and have that moment of dread and gloom, before your brain kicks in and tells you it’s Saturday. Absolutely brilliant.

Always jump out of bed when that happens.

Time for my bi-annual post about sleep as android!

To turn my phone alarm off I have to scan a QR code. I’ve currently got a QR code stuck on the wall in the kitchen near the kettle so once I’m up and downstairs I may as well just make a coffee and start the day. Works ok, though I have started scanning the code and then going for a snooze on the sofa. Might have to move it back into the bathroom.

Sleep as android, available now from the Play store!


Get a flatmate who has to leave for work at 6:15am and makes as much noise as possible doing so. :sleepy:

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Yeah I’m struggling sometimes I’d get infor work by half 7, 8, after an hours walk. Now, struggling to get out of bed for 9.

Usually just watch this before I go to sleep


might set this as my alarm


Ordinarily I’ve been awake for about two hours fruitlessly trying to get back to sleep so I just haul myself out as a way of ending the frustration

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radio comes on at a reasonable volume - either wake immeditaely or be lulled awake by it

immediately get up and make coffee and cereal and have it in bed