How do you go about about buying small unusual spaces?

You know under railway bridges or small snippets of land in a city etc.? Who do you even ask about them?

Space is free

They are quite probably public realm and you’d have to contact the local authority’s estates department to see if they would be willing to sell. Some bits of land will never be sold because they are needed for utilities or other services, If you suspect they are privately owned then get a report from the land registry to see who is the registered owner and approach them with an offer.

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Thanks that’s very useful info

how does that work out for you after staying in hotels etc. ‘Mr Ant I hope you had lovely stay at our hotel, how wud you like to settle the bill?’ ‘Space is free man stop cramping my vibe maaan’ ‘but my children havnt eaten in days you were are last hope to recue the hotel’

Probably the worst time to buy a railway arch because of the combination of tories and tories, tbh.

A hotel isn’t space

Land registry will[1] (probably for a fee) be able to identify the owner. You could also enlist the services of a chartered surveyor.

Arches etc under railway lines are probably owned by Network Rail, who have a massive commercial property arm and you could contact them directly about it.

[1] not all ownership is on their database cos it’s only a legal requirement to tell them if you’re selling, and some land hasn’t been sold in all the time they’ve existed (like 150-ofd years ago). Mad, eh?

its space within a building :grinning:

Buildings are buildings instead of space.

I think there is a provision in England that you can ask LAs to sell a piece of land if it’s surplus to their requirements, but they have to put it on the open market and accept best offer. So it might not work out for the person trying to get it…

Yeah, I’m not surprised as it is after all ‘public realm’ and they shouldn’t be giving it away for less than OMV. Also, that way corruption lies.

Oh, for sure. Think it’s mainly used by small housebuilders looking for individual plots.