How do you hand in your notice?


Email, letter, meeting with line manager? What do you say?

Think I might do it today.


Just email one of the mods


face to face with manager every time. love to see the look on their faces.


When I did it last time I had a fairly good relationship with my line manager, so spoke to him first, then sent a (very short) formal email.

If you’re at a big company, there’ll be a way of doing it through HR systems.



  1. Delete Trump’s account
  2. Walk out


Just take the manager aside and do it. I get to hand mine in soon and I am deeply excited. Notice day is the best day.



I have no job to go to, just fancy a change and should be financially secure forma couple of.montha.



Skywriting natch…



ooooooh, look at Mr Imtoogoodtogetfired over here!!


What I do is draft my letter which is the formal ‘handing in of my notice’ element - there are templates online for this, it’s reasonably straightforward. Stick it in an envelope. Then call a meeting with my manager and explain that you are leaving and handing in your notice as of x date/today. Then hand over the letter to my manager during that meeting.

As with all of these things, it is best to keep both the tone of the meeting and the content of your letter polite, positive and civil.


Sorry to piss on your porridge, but I’m always extremely wary when someone quits their job but has nothing to go to. One of my good friends did this last year and he’s still unemployed and in a really bad mental state. So just be careful and think twice before you hand that bad boy in.


Love pointing out your last working day to mangers when I’ve resigned in the past.


Yeah. Do you think future employers look upon it badly?




Not if you can come up with a decent explanation. Nobody’s going to look askance at you if you say your last job wasn’t fulfilling you any more, and you needed a short break, as long as it’s not more than a few weeks/months. Or rather some people will, but you don’t want to work for them.


Wait for someone to annoy you and then announce it as if that is the reason


I’d hand my notice in about 25 times a day if this was my method.