How do you keep a page placement, and what does it say about you?

Dog earing is disgusting.


I don’t read books because I am a nerd

people keep giving me bookmarks and i just carry on dog earing. what am I like?




Probably 100% overlap between dog earers and people who regularly lose keys/phones/wallets etc.

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I have never lost any of those items

And people who get “buckle rash” on their guitars

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Weird thing to lie about but ok

I get a really bad mark on my shoulder from my strap, I think it’s just too cheap and thin so it digs in but maybe it’s connected to my propensity for losing stuff.

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i only dog ear paperbacks I own and DGAS about. Would never do it to a “nice” book or a borrowed book


100% overlap

I tell you what makes me want to vomit - people licking a finger before using it to turn a page, especially with a paper or magazine (i do have a weird aversion to wet paper though)


Seems like it would be more hygienic to lick the page

Just rub it under your armpit, quicker.

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Maybe “dog earing” means something different to what I think it does

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I have a kindle but pre-kindle I was a dog ear where i’d fold it all the way to the middle part of the page

Quite surprised at how many people read books on a screen. Even academic articles I have to print out, just can’t concentrate on digital formats at all.

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Jesus Christ


Kindle is easier than e.g. phone