"How do you know *that* song?"

This was a question that Cheekster 1 asked me, after I started singing which song?

Taking a leaf from @dktrfaustus 's book, I will respond to yes/no questions and the correct answer.

Is it a song released in the 20th century?

Midnight Train To Georgia

is it hold me thrill me kiss me kill me by u2?


Between Piss And Shit We Are Born by Anaal Nathrakh?


:grinning: (no)

Is it a song by a band?


Is that band Crucial Taunt?


Is the band all male?

Is it a song from the 80s?

No, and no connection to either Wayne’s World film as far as I know

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Back For Good

Tiger Crew - Donald is in Jail

Does the song have any backing vocals?

I’d have to listen to it to find out, but from memory there are no prominent backing vocals (like you might find in an Oasis song for instance)

Was the song, at any time in its existence, a UK top 40 single?