"How do you know *that* song?"

Is it by The Beatles?

How do you know that song if you’ve never even listened to it?

I’m A Ken?

I’ve heard it plenty of times but I couldn’t tell you definitively if it has backing vocals or not. It’s not a cover version of God Only Knows, to give an indication.



Is the song, in any way, pop-punk?

Is it Good Only Knows by the Beach Boys?

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Not in any way pop punk, no

Are there more than four members of the band?

Are the band Irish?

No, there are not more than four members of the band

They are not Irish, no

Are there any elements to the song or band that could be described as Brexitty?

Not Brexity, no

Has one of the members of the band ever run over himself?


Are the band popular on DiS?

Haha not to the best of my knowledge (it’s not East 17)

Not especially. They’re not subject to a HGATR if that helps

I’ve just seen the negative answer to backing vocals so I’m totally heading down the wrong path here anyway