How do you like your mouse wheel action?

  • Smooth
  • Clicking

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smooth is for perverts


As the current poll results evidence.

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I wanted to go with textured
Ni predefined steps but an element of tactile feedback, smooth feels cheap and clicks are too restrictive

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don’t really know tbh, too busy scrolling this thread up and down to try and figure it out

really dislike when my :mouse: has been in my bag and the wheel has changed over from clicky to free running

feels all wrong

I have no idea. I’d need to go get a mouse to find out.

I like mine with a kiss


I haven’t got a wheel on mine :frowning:

Ah, pervert squared

I do love the old ‘click the mouse wheel to open a link in a new window’ action


I once did a bit of basic training on how to use Illustrator and I remember one person absolutely KICKING OFF at the suggestion from the instructor that she used a mouse as its easier to zoom in and out and stuff using a mouse wheel - she kept insisting that she’d always used a mouse pad for mouse stuff and it had been FINE.

god that’s boring, cant be arsed to redraft or even abandon it.

trackpad, m8s

is that the full anecdote or did you give up halfway through

Smooth feels disgusting, quite frankly.

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Too restrictive how? You can select how far you want each click to scroll the screen.

Anyone here with a fancy sideways mouse with multiple buttons? Not me

i never ever remember that this is a thing - it gets mentioned, i think it’s cool and do it for about five minutes then forget

plus on closer inspection, my mouse wheel takes too much effort to click for my liking, too much resistance

This poll seems to be bollocks.

You don’t want click because no one needs a colleague filling the office with ratchet sounds.

You don’t want free wheeling, although never encountered a mouse with multiple settings.

You want standard MS mouse: the feel of a light click but a smooth quite rolling action with some weight to the wheel.

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