How do you make tea like this?

Please note the froth on the mug above the water line also

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Isn’t it to do with hard or soft water?

My nan used to call it “money on your tea” :woman_shrugging:


I always thought it was when I used a mug that had just been washed up and there may still be remnants of liquid.
I also live in a hard water area so dunno

Jury’s still out

Soft water is good, hard water exists in places that humans should never have settled in.


I too am sorry


You do get shite on the surface down here yeah because of the chalky water. But can still make a ‘normal’ cup of tea. I’ve no idea wtf my colleague does to make it look like this.

What milk are they using? Cat or something?


water is just water isn’t it?

there’s different waters?

what’s the difference then smartie pants?

well alright then

Tea made from my office “hot tap” looks like this. I’ve had to give up making hot drinks at work, it’s undrinkable

Hard water has a high mineral content of things like calcium or magnesium. It usually comes from chalky land or boreholes. It doesn’t lather up as well as soft water and leaves more limescale deposits, which can damage plumbing.

Soft water has lower mineral content and is usually found in areas with peaty soil and where water supplies are rain-fed rather than borehole driven. It lathers up better than hard water, is better for your skin and hair, and does less damage to plumbing.

You can soften hard water by adding salt tablets to it in a water softener, but it’s not drinkable as a result.

…nope, nothing



Tell that to all the countries that don’t have drinking water from the tap

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I think it’s the milk that’s a bit frothy

London has fucked me up because I only like hard water now. Soft water just tastes fuzzy and bleurgh.