How do you manage your photos?

I store photos and videos

  • Google photos
  • Icloud
  • Other cloud service
  • Backed up to home computer
  • Backed up to external hd
  • Backed up to NAS
  • Other

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I’m worried what big data handlers like Google and Apple can do/analyse with my stuff

  • Yes
  • No
  • Some worries but not that bothered
  • I have removed my photos from these services

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I let lightroom deal with it

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Other: scattered across multiple old phones and hard drives, no real system for them, they never get looked at. Part of me feels like I should sort them all one day, another bigger part of me doesn’t really care.

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Google Photos, I think it’s an incredible bit of kit. Do need to go through and delete all of the duplicates and shite ones, but who could be arsed?

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my favourite thing about it is when it picks up on faces as if they’re real people/people you know

image image

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I’m more amazed that it knows pretty much all photos of my daughter are the same person even though her face from the early years of her life is so different

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That’s what scares me. I’m pretty paranoid about how much google already knows about my kids but I can’t find an alternative that’s as easy or as cheap and I suppose that’s why I continue to use these services. Would love to ditch them but I am also as terrified that another service closes or my hd fails.

Yep. Complicated further by switching from apple to android a few years ago. I’ll get nostalgic at some point and its going to be a massive ball ache.