How do you normally listen to Music?

My preferred way is to completely immerse myself by lying down somewhere with headphones on so I can just concentrate totally on the music. However the reality is mainly headphones whilst walking the dogs or through home speakers when family are out!

How do you normally listen?

  • Whilst running/gym/exercising
  • Whilst walking
  • Through home speakers
  • Headphones at home
  • In the Car
  • On the train/Bus through headphones
  • Other (explain)

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Smart ass!

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Internet of things is getting out of hand…


That is a smart ass if you’re able to listen to music with it


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Always via Spotify, mostly at my desk when WFH via computer speakers, but also in the car or through some Sonos speakers in the house or my bluetooth headphones if I’m doing the shopping or gardening, or whilst in bed.

Last.FM yearly report shows I listen most first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Listening peaks on a Friday when new releases are out then decreases gradually as the week moves on (climbs slightly on Thursday when I might start a bit of pre-release day research).

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ah no i was pre-empting it by mocking those who would do it.
Very meta.

Anyhoo to business:
The 4 main ways I listen to music:

  • Attentive listen: On the CD player or turntable through the good hifi/speaker setup. Maybe sprawl out on sofa and relax.
  • around the house streaming via an Alexa
  • In car with albums loaded on a pen drive or streaming via bluetooth.
  • gym (not been in aaaages) mp3 player as music in the gym is usually shite.

Damn you AZ//Bill Gates !!
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I was amused. It’s all cool!

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headphones, everywhere and anywhere, all day and night, even while i sleep sometimes lol


currently it’s normally at home while i’m working, either from my phone through my bluetooth speaker, or through my CD player

sometimes listen to music while out and about but recently been more of a podcast dickhead for walks. though in the last couple of weeks i’ve drifted back to music as i’ve been more in the mood for that. have a free trial of Apple Music for a few months and i’ve made a massive library to get through before it runs out

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Only while out walking and exclusively on vinyl


Interesting thread seeing how people listen.

I’ve through home speakers but adding some comments too :slight_smile:

At home it’s either via my work laptop (when wfh) or Alexa/bluetooth speaker from my phone (Spotify) when casually listening around the house/in the garden. In the car it’s also bluetooth from my phone.

Sometimes (though less often than i’d like) through our stereo system (either CD or vinyl) when having a “proper” listen.

Don’t often use headphone unless i’m walking/in the actual office.

at a hoedown


fess up here:

  • i listen to music through my phone speaker

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Podcasts yes, music no.


Same. Podcasts/audiobooks when in the bath I listen through my phone speaker but that’s the only time I do.

Listening to (carefully selected) music while on a train/coach/ferry etc is one of my favourite things. Other frequent listening habits include blasting tunes as I get chores done around the house.

Walk to work is about 20 mins, so headphones in during the walk to/from work. Bluetooth phone to car when driving. Have a Bluetooth speaker (Bose Minilink II) and probably have that going for a few hours a day at home when not working. My wife likes the radio, so sometimes listen to that.

All streamed via my phone using Spotify. Have turntable but it isn’t connected atm