How do you normally listen to Music?

Records through speakers/headphones if the family is asleep for ‘proper’ listening (i.e. concentrating or relaxing listens) and then spotify through headphones on the go, or a google speaker and my separates for when i want to listen to music whilst doing chores etc.

Chromecasting spotify is so unreliable though i could do with a better way. Bandcamp connects better but needs redoing when an album finishes? i dunno, probably doing it wrong.

Used to be at home, vinyl through the speakers but with a toddler in the house that does not happen as much as we would like - mainly headphones on the way to work now I reckon

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Almost exclusively while working, whether that was in the office or WFH. Always through headphones and 99% of the time Spotify, the other 1% mp3s on classic Winamp while the young ones in the office slag me off

When working (from home), I always have 6 music or Spotify on the computer keeping me company.

I then have a slightly OCD process where I try to curate Spotify playlists of new music for the evenings to listen to with my other half and then we have a few Sonos speakers round the house that keep us company. But thanks to this place we are so ridiculously far behind.

Occasionally as a luxury at the weekend, lie back on sofa and put one some of the new release suggestions from here.

I’m afraid that it’s always Spotify though. Last time we moved house I just lost my shit with all the possessions we have and now I don’t really get any pleasure out of physical releases any more.

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in the car or in bed

Wake up
Usually a podcast in the car through bluetooth
Music while I work through big old headphones
Podcast in car
Music at home through big old headphones although speakers if I’m on my own (still living in a spare room)
Occasionally music in bed on big old headphones

All Spotify, occasional CD in car, looking forward to finally being in my house so I can play records/CDs again.

Yes but only in the bath

I listen on headphones at home (except when I’m in the bath) because my partner and I have very different musical tastes with literally no common ground