How do you open a drinks can?

  • Using your thumb to lift the tab, hole facing away from you
  • Using your index finger to lift the tab, hole facing towards you
  • Other (please explain)

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I think I do…both? :scream:


Very good thread


With nostalgia for ring pulls that came off altogether.


Was thinking about it last night, was very excited to launch it this morning.




You’ve done a great job with it


Not going to lie Tone, I actually made a mistake in the thread title which I’ve now updated, hopefully that hasn’t undermined the essential premise of the thread.


Had a tin of beans do this on me yesterday


Rest easy, it’s done no damage at all to the community’s enjoyment levels.


Pizza cutter


It would have been fun to pretend to use a tin opener and get some discussion on that going a bit, anyone up for taking this on?


What do we think of those drinks cans where you pull the whole top off and the can becomes a cup




Nah, they’re OK for a nice beer.


This, if my nails are drying which they always seem to be.


Fine, a bit of a novelty, actually met one of the people who pioneered them recently, he seemed a bit miffed they hadn’t really caught on, apparently they cost a couple of pence more per can than a traditional top.


Anyone seen those posh fizzy drinks cans with an entirely purposeless piece of foil over the top? What’s up with those huh?


Pretty mad that cans are topped like bottles are but you’d never know it looking at it