How do you open a drinks can?

One-handed like a boss

Sent the lads at san pell an email asking why they do it. They replied;

“To stop rats pissing on where you drink from, enjoy your coke pissy lips”


It’s called an Eco cap.

Market research shows that the Eco cap lid is receiving a very positive consumer perception and that it conveys a premium image and prevents the can from becoming dirty (therefore allowing you to put your mouth on a ‘preserved,’ more hygienic surface).

This thread has taught me a lot. Thanks for starting it @hip_young_gunslinger

Had a can of wanker beer where the whole top of the can peeled off, turning it in to a sort of beaker and eliminating the need for a glass

Wasn’t very nice tbh

Tend to knife it from the side and then suck out the sweet nectar within


Do you subsequently crush it on your forehead and bellow, “YEAAAAAH”?

wonder if it’d be worth collecting all my used cans and weighing them in rather than letting the man/local council profit from my drinking :thinking:

Oh yeah, used to do that thing where you’d shake it up and then pop a pin in the side and shoot it into your mouth

Nah tend to just chuck it on the floor/at a passing stranger

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Letting them get the recycling weigh in cash, very honourable

Yeah that or a bonus trip to hospital so they can see first hand how their tax contribution is beneficial to society

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This is the can thread mate

I know!

I do it every which way. Don’t care how.

Sorry thought you were replying to the filth thread

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I had one the other day for the first time and it took me by surprise.

Tapping the top before you open it?

  • Yeah m8 it stops the fizzy contents exploding everywhere
  • Er no it obviously doesn’t do anything
  • I know it doesn’t do anything but still do it anyway

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The old fashioned ring pulls were fun though.

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