How do you open up a dog poo bin?

Someone has left some tied up dog poo just outside the house, slightly more towards the neighbours side than mine but still.

I guess I need to pick this up somehow and put it in the nearest dog poo bin.

How do they work is there like a foot pedal or do you need to touch the bin itself?

Don’t want to get this wrong in case dog poo does all over me.

Practice, practice, practice! :musical_note:

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reckon I should put my gloves on before picking up the bag right?

Then immediately put the gloves in the wash

You have to just open the bin with your hand and then put the poo bag in there

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that’s nasty!

not your fault I know x


Get on with it, dogpoobin!

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Just set it on fire

going to wait until after lunch in case dog poo germs get on my lunch and I end up with worms in my lungs

It’s ok really. Most people don’t rub the thing they’re putting in the bin on the bin itself


A few months ago they put new dog poo bins in the city where I was living until recently. Credit where it’s due they are large, sealed and in lots of the streets that seem to be plagued by dog shit but they have really stiff lids and no foot pedal. So poo (in bag) in one hand, dog lead in the other = no way to open bin. Managed to work out an elbow technique for opening the bin but idiocy really.

Top bin story for you there. Hope you enjoyed it.

This is true in all cases except ashtrays

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I think that’s the point of the bags, but then I’m not a physicist!


I don’t know where the nearest one is so I could end up wandering around town with a bag of poo.

Going to need to go on a recon mission first aren’t I?

That’s the worst thing about dog poo bins in my opinion, not enough of em!

Once again you’ve displayed a level of wisdom that I am impressed with

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Hold your breath whilst opening the lid

why would they go to the trouble of bagging it then leave it outside someone’s house though?

Probably because there wasn’t a dog poo bin on their route after having picked the poo up

Did they ring the doorbell?