How do you open up a dog poo bin?

could nab some of those gloves they provide in supermarkets for picking up vegetables/bakery products etc

it’s not a nice thing to do Ant

oh that’s too much effort

I agree Bammers, I don’t like it when people who have a dog don’t deal with the poo of the dog properly.

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well I think it’s closer to next door so I’m not sure.

I don’t have faith that they will sort it out though

regularly see dog poo in bags chucked in parks. Worse than just leaving it really

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My great-granddad always used to say to me “don’t go picking up any dog poo” when I used to play football at the park near his house. I don’t know why he said that to me.

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there’s a cheap energy drink can next to this bag of poo but I know it’s from a seperate occasion because the can was there yesterday and the poop was not

those energy drinks probably play havoc with a dog’s digestive system.

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oh I sorted this out btw in case you were worried :slight_smile:


I think there might be some bagged dog poo in the bottom of my wheelie bin - plus some fast food wrappers and stuff

the bin men just lift out the proper bags of rubbish in there - so the shitty detritus in the bottom just stays there

really not sure how I’m supposed to reach down to the bottom and get it all out without half climbing in the bin

Move house?


did you just put it in your wheely bin? i definitely put my dogs shit in my wheely bin more often than a dog poo bin. probably the order from most used to least used goes normal bin > wheely bin > dog poo bin

think I might just set the bin on fire?

Too dangerous