How do you organise your music collection?

Very tempted to do this myself.

Remember when @BodyInTheThames was trying to work out how to organise his records and I suggested using a two-axis shelf system that would have necessitated him buying a huge new house and he didn’t go for it?

Personally I don’t tend to organise much. I am generally just listening to stuff I’ve bought this year so it’s more manageable.

vinyls shudder
when you have a lot of records filing them in order of purchase is a lot easier than alphabetical as if you buy a new album by an a band you have to shift 25 letters worth of records to fit it in

having said that I have mine alphabetically, but with gaps - will be reorganising soon though as we’re getting new stairs put in which means more space & new shelving

Can totally recommend it. Did the same with DVDs at the same time. I kept a few cases, ones with sentimental value or that seemed too nice to throw away, but there can’t be more than 10 of them. It’s really nice not having to give shelf space to rows and rows of ugly plastic cases

this gives me nightmares. imagine throwing away the artwork! D:


So with these CD wallets, how do you locate the CD you want when you want it?

I just look for it. It’s not really a problem though, as I tend to listen to new stuff when it comes out, I don’t go back to old stuff very often. I’ve looked for an old CD in there maybe five times in two years.

I suppose I just consider the music to be the main artwork. CD artwork is so tiny as to be virtually pointless. I suspect I’d feel differently if I had any vinyl, but I don’t.

In a way that entices women

I did this with DVDs. Amazing the amount of space it frees up.

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My collection is all digital now, which definitely changes what music I listen to. Very difficult to sit there and think “Oh, I’ll listen to ‘X’” without defaulting to either old classics, or new purchases that are front of mind.

Had to shift a few bits in the loft a few months ago and got massively sidetracked by a box of CDs. Ended up opening the box and just trawling though it. So many things I’d not listened to in years that I made a point of finding in my MP3s or on Spotify.

I kept it when I did this. The top pocket is the booklet, the lower the CD. The inner tray bit slides between the two.

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I can’t help associating music very heavily with the artwork in my head, the music represents the colours of the art when I’m listening.

Having grown up with CDs I’ve never had a problem with the size as it’s just default for me, only cassette artwork ever felt disposably small.

That’s a good way of doing it and how I’d like to do it. Like a pub jukebox basically.

I will say that no longer care. I mean I kept all the paper parts and now as I never touch them I am fairly ambivalent. Depressing

Sort of. Sorry @Icarus-Smicarus turns out it’s the booklet that is too wide so it sits halfway in over the inside tray bit.

Obviously this halves the size of the holder too.

Here you can witness that with my fingers going numb and the hours stretching away I was putting them in whatever fucking order happened!


Haha. Nice! And no regrets about binning the cases?

More acceptable. Still a case man myself though.

What happened to any digipaks?

I recently got shelves for my CDs after years of keeping them in boxes. I’ve gone from thinking I may as well get rid of them to really enjoying re-discovering old albums.

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I kept all special ones to the side and gave them their own shelf as there weren’t that many, but I had to ditch them for the move to Australia unfortunately and just keep CDs and inserts.

You could probably remove the plastic trays if you wanted, though.