How do you plan yer holidays? (Poll)

  • DIY all the way - flights, hotels and transport all booked separately. Love me a bargain.
  • Flight and accom. booked in a package, just plan the daytrips
  • Everything just done for me (Tory)

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Generally as indicated, but I would be happy with a flight / accommodation package too


Ideal holiday situ is:

  • In the sun; pool; reading books; getting pissed.
  • Ibiza et al
  • Two lesbians probably. Sisters. I’m just watching
  • City break
  • Camping/countryside larking about
  • Extreme sports or equivalent
  • Road Trip
  • Centre Parks (so activities in lodges w/ kids’ camp etc)
  • Cycling

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CONFUSED as there’s no cycling option


Equivalent to extreme sports, just more boring (i added cycling)


It’s not even about getting a bargain, it’s just that package holidays are for idiots, the elderly, and elderly idiots.


Can I have the countryside option but with no camping?


Other: convention centre in Birmingham to play card games.






I’ve already missed the penoid event of the year thanks to work, don’t you ruin this for me too.



thanks. don’t think i would consider going on a non-bike holiday now. think i would get sad without cycling.


Not liking the DIY option being solely linked to doing it on a budget.

I’m of a mind now where I’d rather go on fewer holidays and to it high end rather than take more and do them cheaply.


my sincerest condolences for your loss.


(i feel like you will always get it cheaper if you DIY it except for very specific package destinations, so technically you’re getting a bargain automatically)


i used to think that about travel agents. like how can they possibly match a price of going direct? it has to cost them more to sell me a flight other wise they won’t make any money.

but it doesn’t work like that, they get info on cheaper deals etc because they’re booking so many of them i guess? idk


I’ll be honest, I’ve never really thought about it. All I know is that I’m doing a week in the Canaries in a few weeks and it was a package thing that my wife sorted out and it’s £500 each for flights, airport transfers and 5 nights in a 4* hotel so… reinforced my hunch that packages were the way to go for £££savings.


yeah i assume so. but if like @geoff or indeed i you’d rather do less holidays but up the quality of the ones you do have, i always wonder whether they make much in the margins. Especially considering how easy it is for people to go direct, would Ritz kickback to Thomson much?

Maybe i’m being dumb though and they get hella good discounts


we use a travel agent company to book flights for work and it’s (almost always) way cheaper through them than going direct and i’ve no idea how


Happy to go with some all inclusive package because I am incredibly busy and important and basically want to just slob in a nice hotel for a week. Have kids now so probably won’t leave the country for about 10 years again