How do you prevent/fix underarm stains?

Legit qu, getting bored of nice tees becoming grotty pretty quickly. I feel like it’s down to deodorants and build up of aluminium compounds or whatever, but not really sure.

Feel like an actual child for not knowing how to care for clothes properly

Merci x


Feel free to post your own clothing care conundrum too actually, might be something others suffer equally with

Simply wear vests instead.

are you using bio washing liquid? - non bio doesn’t cut it for the smelly tees IMO

Half a scoop of vanish with your wash is a good tip, keeps on top of any stains but without too much effort/in a gentle way.

Used to get these a lot then changed deodorant and don’t get them any more.

Don’t get them, sweat a lot and use a lot of spray anti-perspirant :man_shrugging:

(The Sure silver protect one)

yeah, not something I get despite sweating loads… :person_shrugging:
I use one of those rock deodorant things though

Omg I have the same question. All of my white tees are absolutely ruined under the arms. I think it’s because I changed deodorant for a while

This stuff works miracles on stains


Vanish spray stuff, give it a good old rub in. Helps if they can survive a 90c wash as well. Managed to rescue a 12yr old light grey Wolf Parade shirt that had very dark grey armpits like this recently.

(If they’re white / can be washed with whites I also chuck in some of that whitening powder stuff, which I’m fairly certain doesn’t actually do anything but I will keep buying anyway)

Used to get this, but switching to the deodorant before bed instead of the morning routine cleared it up.

Morning usually, sometimes evening.

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I use Dove invisible deo (in the woman’s section(?) of the big supermarkets) and I don’t get stains at all. You can get eco friendly stain removers too

The sun, I’ve got quite a few tomato stains out of white tops by washing, putting in direct sun all day then doing it another time. Obviously bit tricky in the UK to get all day sun on your washing

that’s the one I use too, irritating

taps (always) aff

I get around this by buying very cheap tshirts. You can get Gildan ones online for about £3. I buy half a dozen of those once a year, then give them to the charity shop when I renew. Might seem excessive, but it’s less than one band tee nowadays, and I don’t really put any sort of aesthetic value on clothes beyond footwear and jackets.

No idea what you mean :v:

Hadn’t had this issue in a little while but I noticed one of my nice white t-shirts suffering from this recently.

Also from the heatwave recently another favourite white t-shirt is going yellow around the collar from the constant all day profuse sweating. Might buy a back up of that t-shirt actually.