How do you prevent/fix underarm stains?

Not having a working shower or washing machine during the hottest week of the year didn’t help

had this from suncream and stuff in the past and its a bugger to get back to white so a back up T is a great idea

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oh maybe it was the suncream. probably the horrible sweat/suncream combo dripping down my neck.

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This article has some suggestions and also explains why it happens (sweat reacting with aluminium in antiperspirant)

(This writer seems to have gone a bit quiet in recent years but googling “[description of cleaning problem] jolie kerr” used to be quite a reliable method of finding out how to clean anything)

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I used roll on for ages but I’ve been using aerosol a bit recently again, is that worse for pit stains? Or is there no difference?

Expert advice welcome.

it irritates your skin

or it irritates you that it doesn’t work

This one, good neutral smell and I thought the tech was meant to help avoid this - good to hear it works for you at least

not a satisfying conclusion though

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Definitely the suncream, it happened on the ones I wore in Porto and that’s the only time I’ve used it this year.

(Thought I was so clever only packing white t-shirts to wear)

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