how do you pronounce? (a polls and chat thread)

You can forward to 2:01 if you’re impatient. It’s worth watching the whole thing though.


So everyone is pronouncing Loch the same way the guy in the video at 2:01 says the gh part of Gogh?

How do I shape up?

I knew the ‘van’ thing but didn’t know the correct ‘gogh’ pronunciation.

tbf, he does say that his name is a ‘medieval way of spelling his name’ so we might be forgiven for mispronouncing it.

Spot on!

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No because we don’t pronounce it right as aboynamedgoo has pointed out :smiley:

But if you say loch in the way Scottish people do then it’s like the way English people say Gogh, a sort of ‘ck’ softly at the back of the throat with a bit of a ‘huh’ at the end.

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I’d already had a conversation with a Dutch man a few years back about his football team being FC Gröningen, which you’d nod approvingly if you heard me say

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was he living in Germany :wink:

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oh fuck!

I put that umlaut in, then I was like ‘tf am I doing’

then I straight up forgot to delete it

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btw I know this is preseason, but ooooft

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Take it to literally any one of the threads in the Sports forum I have mercifully muted :smiley:

basketball isn’t a sport, it is merely part of the extended Space Jam canon

Never seen Space Jam and never want to.

Space Jam is bad, but I wanted to provide a sort-of funny reply that denied basketball was actually a sport, and it’s laaaate

Not here it isn’t! :smiley:

I am tired everywhere!

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I grew up on a street called “van Ruijsdaellaan”. That was always fun to hear other Brits pronounce. And my school was in Scheveningen - which was apparently a shibboleth during WW2, right?

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Astonished this thread has got this far without ‘Scone’.

  • Skonn
  • Sk(own)

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(Who on earth would rhyme scone with cow, though? :wink: )

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