how do you pronounce? (a polls and chat thread)

You have no idea how long I spent trying to make that phonetically clear. I just gave up in the end. It’s actually quite tricky!


I think we usually just say ‘rhyming with gone’ / ‘rhyming with cone’ when this comes up.

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Changed it now…

But ‘cone’ would pander to the wrong pronunciation. Hence my dilemma…

Anonymous?! Show yourselves cowards, etc.

Do people really like cones more than gone?

  • Shed-ule
  • Sked-ule
  • Sked-u-el
  • Shed-u-el

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Surprised at so many ‘sheds’ as I have always felt alone in my holding onto the outdated UK pronunciation.

Oh right now I have to change my vote. Basically I say Mario the English way not the Italian (?) way of Nintendo titles.

Asking people to pronounce “Scheveningen” was a way of catching out any Germans masquerading as Dutch trying to infiltrate the Resistance.

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  • Uh-ven
  • Aw-ven
  • O-ven

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  • Clan-did-no
  • Lan-dud-no
  • Hlun-dud-no

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The proper Welsh way


…which is…?

Impossible to write


Magdalene college Oxford

  • Maud Lin
  • Mag da Lin (haha there’s a povvo in our midst!)

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oh no, it’s me. i’m the povvo

mag duh lay nuh

Think the most bothersome us pronunciation of a word is Noder daym

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  • Chol-mond-a-lay Feather-stone-haw
  • Chum-lee Fan-shaw

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