How do you pronounce 'chorizo'?


yes, we all know the correct pronounciation, but how do you say it?

  • cho-rizz-oh
  • cho-ritz-oh
  • cho-reetz-oh
  • cho-reetz-ee-oh
  • joke response

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N.B. i have heard all of these said out loud by human beings recently



Think it’s appropriated from my Valencian cousins, lots of ‘th’ sounds in their spanish


poll is hidden. it’s cho-ritz-oh innit

(sits back and awaits 11 likes)


Neither on facebook or eat meat.


Cho-ree-tho, porque es como lo se pronuncia en España.


The right way, obviously.


Another vote for cho-reeth-oh


oh for fuck’s ffs, can we make public polls the default please



Once had someone try to tell me it should be:

Ker - reez - o.

Immediately hated them.

  • Cho-reeth-oh
  • I’m so brexit I feel I can bastardise foreign languages as I please

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A couple of years ago, I heard a passerby correct a guy who was ordering a chorizo in Borough Market by asking for ‘cho-ritz-o’ to tell him that it was actually pronounced ‘cho-reeth-o’.


  • The guy doing the correcting had no connection to the purchaser or vendor.
  • The guy doing the correcting was identifiably not a native Spanish speaker
  • The purchaser and vendor just stared at him until he wandered off on his business

This interchange still makes me seethe even thinking about it now. Mind your business cunt and just accept that some words get anglicised over time…


don’t think I can, apologies




nice one, jordan


Bet you say Pa-ree for Paris as well, huh?



Before I answer, I would like confirmation on how you’re pronouncing Thierry Henry and Nice (city)



Terry Hen-ree


My Spanish sister in law has drummed cho-ree-tho into me.
So much so that the following took place at the deli counter in waitrose a while back:
Me - can I have some cho-ree-tho please?
Girl behind the counter - it’s chorizo!
Me - it’s cho-ree-tho
Girl - this is Glasgow, it’s chorizo!
Me - can I have some chorizo please?!
Girl - of course