How do you pronounce Josh Homme's surname?

Lauren Laverne just said “Hommy”, but I’ve always pronounced it as “Homm”.

I read an article a few years back in which they mentioned it was ‘Hommy’. I’ve stuck to using ‘Homm’ though, as no-one believed me.

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I’m glad we cleared this up.



It’s not Hommé is it?

Homme: sounds like Somme

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as evidenced above, he says it’s Hommy, but most people are too stuck in their ways to make different sounds come out of their god damn mouths and so tend to call him whatever the fuck they want, and if it sounds like I’m really wound up by this, it’s because I am. If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s people mispronouncing poor old Josh Homme’s name.

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I think it’s a long ‘aaaaaeeee’ sound like Monet. I sound like a Yorkshire gangsta when I say it though.


Josh Man.


How do you pronounce Bowie?

Like most people I pronounce it “Bowie”, like the thing you’d wear in your hair. But I’ve heard people pronounce it like the genuflection sort of “bow”.

And example of this latter pronunciation can be heard in the film Saturday Night Fever.


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which era?

Hommer. So I can sing, “life’s a bummer/when you’re Josh Hommer/life’s a draaa-eee-aaa-eee-aaag”


This is one I’m not bowing to peer pressure over… David said Bowie (rhymes with ‘oh’), so it’s Bowie (rhymes with ‘oh’).

I once heard someone pronounce it as “Boo-ee”, like a camp ghost.

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yeah lots of people do this despite it being weird and wrong and stupid.

seems to be only English people as far as I can tell.

Always pronounced it this way, too late to change now, not fussed.

  1. He says it’s Homm-ee, but I still say Homm.
  2. It’s Bowie (as in Zoe), because that’s what it is.


Like in this?