How do you pronounce Vimeo?

Always said it like video due to its content so vim-ee-oh but watching Tickled they said “Vime-oh”.

Never said it outloud


Never had to pronounce it in my life so far, and probably never will. Cheers.

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This, but I have only ever said it in my head.


To elaborate, i normally vocalise everything I read in my head but when I come across a word I don’t know how to pronounce I will put in a place holder, so my real answer is ‘vim-blaghh’


i mean it’s obviously vim-ee-oh because it’s a vid-ee-oh site

i don’t know what Tickled is but sounds like they’ve made absolute mugs of themselves

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It is 100% Vim-e-o. Did Tickled also refer to Youtube as You-Tubby?

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And I’ve said it out loud a number of times so BOW YE MORTALS AT THE FONT OF MY EXPERIENCE


is Tickled an Australian thing? if so they were probably just referring to their mate Vime.

Is it the documentary about the tickling competitions? Which, by the way, is the documentary equivalent of the “that escalated quickly” quote from Anchorman.

Vimayo is only acceptable if you say vidayo or if you are Simon Mayo and only use the platform to upload your reviews and insights on mayonnaise (maybe occasionally accompanied by Mark Kermode, and you at least try to book Billy Corgan as a musical guest for a centenary episode or something)


oh wait, they said VIME-o?

That’s just stupid

I don’t.

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The documentary Manches is talking about yeah. It’s good and on Netflix

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Oh, get off the air
I’m on the vimeo vimeo-o


It’s Vim-eh-oh!

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It’s definitely Vy-meo.