How do you reckon you'd do on...

P sure most of us would boss most quiz shows. Physical challenges, no.
Reckon I’d win love island no hassle

Also with a month to learn how to bake anyone can win bake off, piece of piss. Literally just timed mixing


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The great British dj challenge.

Judges are Dr. Fox, Norman Cook, and ‘judge’ Jools (Holland).


I’d wager its some variety of walking clock

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awful lot of people who can’t pay attention to an oven in here

I’d be fine until they saw my face.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

  • I’d win it
  • I’d finish top three
  • I’d make it to the midway point
  • Out in the early stages
  • First out, I’m shit
  • Thrown off for punching Clarkson.

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