How do you remove your toasted items from your toaster?

  • Shove a fork/knife into the toasted good(s) being careful not to touch the toaster’s innards for fear of electric shock
  • Stick my fingers straight into the slot (matron) and remove the toasted good(s) with my abestos fingers
  • Some other technique, please specify because I can’t really think of any others

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*asbestos (obvs)

I have wooden toaster tongs, think they are lakeland.

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my toaster has this thing where you lift the thing you press down up, and it pops the toast up far enough so you don’t need to stick your fingers or a knife or whatever in to get at it


Generally leave my toast for about 30 secs after it has popped up then I don’t burn my fingers.

Toaster tongs! Genius.

Slight amendment to say that I don’t have asbestos fingers, and normally pick it out of the toaster then go ‘OW! OW! OW!’ as I throw it on a plate.


Check out plasticniki and her science toaster.

Plus: how small is your loaf if you have to stick your fingers inside the slots to retrieve it?

Or do you just have a massive toaster with A4 slots?

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Could have a massive slot instead tbf.

I fling the popper upper thing up manually with one hand and then swipe the toast out to the side with the other hand as it pops up. Wife still telling me off for it on account that it will break the toaster - £10 toaster still going after 8 years.

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Pull the lever down far enough but before it clicks in place and then ping that badboy up and catch the toast in the air like a Lakeland Fonzi.


I have a little lever that lifts the items a little higher out of the toaster.

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My toaster has this kind of lever like device that props the toast above the toaster horizon.

I’m intrigued by these toaster levers and will investigate further once my 4 slice toaster carks it.



With my fingernails.

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