How do you remove your toasted items from your toaster?

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Ah, these I don’t have.

Yes! Same method here, toaster has taken a battering but still does the business.

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Don’t have a toaster

Mine has that too, which is great for bread, but if you’re toasting, say, a bagel, it’s not raised quite enough.

Fork but obviously turn it off at the plug first as I don’t want to die.

Mines basically this one. The two middle levers make it easier to get things like crumpets out of the toaster.


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This is the correct method.

Support from Toaster Horizon.


I use a knife/metallic object

one of my old flatmates got really pissed off with me when I did this, she genuinely seemed to think I was going to end up killing myself

tend to just eat around the toaster

Yes, this

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Smash the toaster with a hammer and pick the toasted goods out from the resulting debris


jfc If the toast has popped up, it isn’t really possible to get a shock off the toaster if you use a knife/fork to lever out the toast

Edit: Also, there really is no need to unplug a toaster when you leave the house. It won’t spontaneously combust

I don’t know why toasters have been designed in such a ridiculous way and then been continued to be produced like that. I saw one recently where you just slide the bread in and out from the side none of this spring loaded nonsense or tongs. Needless to say it wasn’t selling.

I mean the point of a toaster is to be able to put your bread in front of the heat source safely and easily and then retrieve the toast when toasted to a desired level, again safely and easily. Most toasters don’t achieve the last part and I cant think why!

toast - not an issue, can safely use my fingers to transfer toast from toaster to plate

bagels though - burnt fingers every fucking time

eat toasted items maybe once a year tops, so its not a problem.

its never been a problem for me.


Don’t want to turn this into some flatmate rant which no reference to the topic at hand, but toaster is always (incomprehensibly) unplugged before/after usage, and yet there’s no issue with leaving the tumble dryer going when you’re out of the house. Bizarre.

For the record, fingers