How do you slice your toast?


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I eat the whole slice



I do not slice toast


I saw this article and almost posted it :grinning:

Surely only a psychopath would use number 3


dont slice toast m9.


Ok, if you were making some toast for a special lady. Would you cut it, and if so how?


For a lady… I’d have sourdough or something fancy.


Yeah just bite into the corner and away I go. If I do slice it’s 4 pieces, triangular, because triangular food tastes better


I would give her the whole slice, untampered with, because I wouldn’t want her to think that I thought she was a small child. that’s what I would do, my friend.



properly square toast: 1
rectangular / oddly shaped toast: 2 or 3


It’s weird how good toast is, full English breakfast and the toast is the best bit


3 is nicely symmetrical though.


Why stop there, give her the whole loaf, unsliced (but toasted).


why would you slice toast?


How toasty do you like your toast

  • Lightly, basically bread where the outer surface has just started to toast
  • Consistently toasted throughout
  • Almost burnt

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absolutely. and just smear whatever spreads of her choice on top and on the sides of the toasted whole loaf?


So you can pick up a slice of it with one hand without it going floppy (heh)



but…its toasted


so won’t be floppy