How do you slice your toast?

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I do not slice toast


I saw this article and almost posted it :grinning:

Surely only a psychopath would use number 3


dont slice toast m9.


Ok, if you were making some toast for a special lady. Would you cut it, and if so how?

For a lady… I’d have sourdough or something fancy.

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properly square toast: 1
rectangular / oddly shaped toast: 2 or 3

3 is nicely symmetrical though.

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Why stop there, give her the whole loaf, unsliced (but toasted).

why would you slice toast?

So you can pick up a slice of it with one hand without it going floppy (heh)

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but…its toasted

so won’t be floppy

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Not sure what that’s all about other than being symmetrical

Depends. Even worse, it might break!

Well, when we hand out the badges of honour at the end of the year I’ll add your name to the list.


here’s a great idea!

why not “pre-slice” your slices of bread when you buy the loaf. Just get them all out of the bag when you unpack the shopping, cut into squares or triangles as is your preference and maximise your time by doing all the chopping at once rather than having to get the knife and put it away for every single piece of bread.

OR they should just sell a trianguloaf like a bready Toblerone! A Toblescone if you will


Untampered toast

Old blue Last
£5 (£4 NUS)

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Is this a seriously-held opinion? I’m going to go full Meowington if I’m not careful.