How do you slice your toast?


with a knife!

what if you’re dipping it into a runny egg!!!

i prefer to have my toast cut like option 1 but will only cut toast like option 2

i can’t say why

90% of the bread I eat is from the breadmaker and comes out looking like this (I’m no Bamnan on Paint so excuse me):


Cutting it diagonally would be a disaster.

I can only assume that all the diagonal cutters like their bread from Warburtons, all uniformly square

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you should try using more dough, might be able to fill in the centre

You’re a dough

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Colon is a diser of great esteem and I hold him in very high regard. Which is why him outing himself as a psychopath ITT is as surprising as it is disappointing


sounds like a challenge

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Enjoy your Kingsmill, everyone


At reading?

Wherever you want to enjoy your mediocre bread!

Not on kingsmillbook, sorry

That bit in-between consistently toasted and we’ll done toast

A bit before almost burnt, but a bit after consistently toasted

Yeah sort of

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Check out mr artisinal, colon closed baguette over here!


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It’s just breadmaker bread, nothing fancy (costs less than a supermarket loaf)

Ugh I don’t know how DiSers put in the hours arguing on here :confused:

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…I just wanted to make the pun :frowning:

It was a solid pun, I’ll grant you that

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