How do you slice your tomatoes?

  • A
  • B

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I discovered this week that Mrs CCB cuts them like B above, discarding the top of the tomato. I’d just assumed everyone cuts them like A.

I have form for being wrong about tomatoes. So I’d be intrigued.

Different slices for different needs, obviously, but top to bottom seems the only civilised option.

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with my tomato scissors


Are tomatoes sandwiches, cheese, or yoghurt?

Why not both?

Slice the top as in example B then continue as in example A, obviously.

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Probably do both

I don’t remember the last time I bought a large salad tomato like that. They have no taste

Vine tomatoes are alright though

With A are you not cutting through the stem? Seems like a bad idea

You remove the stem though, so there’s just the discoloured top of the tomato (which is perfectly edible imo)

I have always done A just because tomatoes sit more naturally on a chopping board that way

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The @keith special


i only really like the small ones. usually just quarter them.

All tomatoes grow on vines.


neither, I cut it into segments like a cake.


I do B most I reckon, but it’s definitely a case-by-case basis thing

As a cherry tomato aficionado I should bow out of this thread.

I’ll give those vine ripened ones a go next time I’m in sainos (probably be January or February) and I’ll report back (assuming supermarkets in this country stay open post Brexit).

I don’t think I’ve ever cut up a tomato à la style B.

This is a chance to broaden your horizons - a new opportunity has presented itself!

Thanks, Alan Titchmarsh. I was referring to the ones in the supermarkets that are sold on-the-vine