How do you split your radio listening?

uuuugh what a title! fuck it

you know - out of 100% of your radio listening time

Radio 4 - 65%
Radio 6 - 20%
5 Live - the rest

no further stations, m’lud

feel free…

100% don’t listen to the radio ever


left ear 75%
right ear 25%



6music - 50%
5live - 35%
Talksport - 10%
Radio1 / Hallam FM - 5% (presets in the car when the journey’s too short to warrant plugging my phone in)

5live - 60%
R4 - 20%
Radio 6 - 15%
Some weird US college rock station - 5%

I’ve included sports extra as 5live here, for the sake of convenience

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Radio 6 - 80%
Radio 5 Live Xtra - 5%
Talk Sport - 5%
Kisstory - 5%
Other - 5%

6music - 90%
radio 3 - 5%
radio 4 - 5%

BBC Radio Scotland 60%
BBC Radio 4 35%
Other (CFM, BBC Radio Cumbria…) 5%

Probably listen to Absolute Radio 90s once or twice a year when we go away to a remote cabin/yurt/shepherd’s hut and all we have is a battery-powered radio.
Accidentally hear Heart when my wife puts it on if she’s cooking (she tends to listen to podcasts so this isn’t often).
Very occasionally I’ll listen to 5 live in the car if forced to travel during important football.

60% Heart
15% Absolute Radio 90s
25% Radio 5 live

sometimes shops have it on

bet you go into shops sometimes

taxis have it on too

bet you get a taxi occasionally

and etc


thought you’d listen to radio


Never listen to the radio outside of a car situation and the gf’s car has been without radio since Mother’s Day until yesterday (what a coincidence!)

please take these absurd variables and stick them up someone you don’t like(s) ass

Radio 4: Today programme in the morning, Eddie Mair on the way home
Radio 2: Sometimes tune in for the Confession on Simon Mayo, and will give All Request Friday a whirl if I’m in a party mood. Also Graham Norton on a Saturday morning if I’m driving anywhere.
Radio 1: Usually tune in for the Ten Minute Takeover at 6pm Mon-Thu.
Radio 5 Live - Danny Baker on a Saturday morning if I’m near a radio

what do you listen to in the morning? other than the nagging voice in the other room


Shower and get ready in silence (20 mins tops), earphones in and Spotify for the commute innit.

On the way to work it’s usually 6music and then BBC WM for the football phone-in on the way home. Usually Absolute, or sometimes Capital, on at work (Capital today unfortunately).

At other times, it varies - Usually either 6music or Radio 4, but if there’s sport to listen to it’ll be WM or 5 Live or whatever. Despite the car having DAB, I do like listening to TMS on Radio 4 Long Wave still.

what did you listen to this morning on your commute?