How Do You Stay Organised?

Hold on to your nipples, it’s time for a thread of pure thrills and rides.

That’s right, it’s the organisation thread.

I use Todoist, for anything I need to remember to do, recurring appointments for everything from paying bills to reminders two-week prior to birthdays to do something about it.

I use Google Calendar for events, one calendar for things that are confirmed and one for things I might be interested in so I can get reminders when they happen.

That’s about it really, helps me not forget things seems to be OK, but interested to know what other people do to see if I’m missing out on anything. I use it for both work and non-work stuff.

I remember stuff or don’t, it’s fine either way!


I don’t.

However, I do have a Moleskine calendar/diary type thing in order to try to remember at least the most vital stuff. Can’t do online/phone calendars.

At work: systems upon systems upon systems upon

At home: I don’t, really. Facebook events for penoid things, some Google calendar appointments, but mostly I just wing it. It helps to not care very much about anything.

Oh I don’t really

Enjoy missing Pendulum at Reading

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Thanks I will


For work, I use a version of the Getting Things Done method. I’ve only read one article about it, but I’ve find it helpful. Mine is captured in Trello, but it could be anywhere really.

Dates and times into Google Calendar. Notes into Evernote. Mini-projects into OneNote. Addresses in a txt file. Files into Dropbox. Postable things worth a few quid onto ebay. Tidy resellable non-postable things to the chazzer. Functional things worth nowt onto gumtree/freeshare. Glass into the cardboard box. Other recyclables into the green bin. Non-recyclables into the other bin. Coloured clothes into the big laundry bin. White clothes into the small laundry bin. Stalagmites. Stalactites. Black pepper, black pepper. Rose for the lady. Mole. Bowl. Goal! Gotta have a system.


frequently check credit at moral bank, hole in wall

I did this for about 2 days then lost interest and forgot about it. downloaded the Trello app to try and give it another go but don’t think I even opened it.

Summary: I am lazy

I only started it because I was juggling too much stuff at work, and I was struggling to keep track of everything without feeling stressed. This type of system is good for that, because it gets tasks out of your head and into one place, so, in theory, you don’t have the mental stress of remembering them.

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Paper diary.

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have a shared iCloud calendar with the missus.


iphone calendar thing
set alarms to remind me to do things
also write down on bits of paper that i lose but gets it into my brain

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A combination of:

  • Trello for big projects, especially when I need to delegate/set dates/have ticklists
  • iCloud calendar app for appointments
  • A notepad for lists while out and about. Can’t beat the old pen and paper approach
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oh, i also try and set aside 10 - 20 minutes or so a week to have a think about what needs to be done and reassess stuff

that sounds similar to why I tried to use it, just never stuck. seemed like a good idea though.

I don’t

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paper diary
wall calendar
google/phone calendar

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