How Do You Stay Organised?

I’ll gotta have a system you in a minute

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Paper diary + Wunderlist to do app


Not such a neat page. Never mind, it has the info I need.

Your life is blissfully free of appointments and addresses of mid-priced Austrian hotels booked by your work?

Yes. Also blissfully free of… appointments.

(That Netrunner one isn’t even right)

only thing that really works is send myself emails with stuff i need to do. can’t stand to have unread emails so will have to do the thing to get rid of the email. everything else is too much effort in itself to keep up with and makes things worse.

I use an android app called S Planner. Around the end of a month i spend a few hours mariculously updating it - shifts, appointments, trips, gigs, sporting events, absolutely pack it out. Then never do any of it. Been to one gig in two years. Cinema probably four times. Just get up, go to work, come home, watch telly, go to bed.

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Forgot about email. A million filters in Gmail so it’s all aoutomatically tagged. 90+% is mailing list stuff, so I can lash through tag by tag and get everything marked as read pretty easily. A couple of hundred are starred, mostly for a long since expired reason. Maybe 20-30 are things that ought to be bunged over to Evernote for future reference. Might do that tonight or tomorrow, cos I know how to live.

Work stuff is generally just emails that get bunged into folders and turned into tasks if need be, with a few spreadsheet lists/registers of stuff, and some notes in OneNote.

Remember the ‘Hipster PDA’?

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Mini diary for my handbag (basically essential for zero hrs contract personnel, to keep track of shifts) and use Doodle to schedule meet ups with my local friends. Write to do lists quite a lot too.

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