How do you stop being thoughtless?


So I’ve been a bit thoughtless and not done something that a decent person should have done, because it just didn’t occur to me as im a bit thoughtless sometimes (more than I am comfortable with really) - but… I don’t really know how to change this, as the change in behaviour neccesary seems to be to just think something differently to what I am thinking, but I don’t know how to do that - like I’m not really in control of what’s bumbling around in my mind - it’s just sort of there. Like if someone tells me that their dad is ill or something, I’ll be genuinely concerned, but then I sort of forget about it, and next time I see them I just don’t bring it up, not because I don’t care, but it’s just not in my mind at the time, I don’t really know how to get it into my mind y’know?
It’s a bad trait! Feel like maybe I just write everything down and then look up my notes before I see people or something


I used to feel like this a lot, I think I’ve got better simply by being more aware of it. Eventually it’ll seep in. Still have my moments, mind.


I don’t know the answer but I wish you the best in your quest.


Hmmm… hopefully, I’m only aware of it when it gets called out, like I don’t know how to make myself aware of it.


Thank you!


I’ve opted for the become so anxious I basically never speak option


Sorry I don’t care about your problems




This sounds so weird but I’ve come up with a plan where I spend one hour every Sunday just messaging people I know or thinking about my pals.
It’s so hard these days when everyone lives so far away .

I forgot my bffs birthday last week and felt bad. But I was fighting multiple infections so not gonna beat myself up.

Also nice to surprise people every now and again. Eg flew home to surprise my dad for his sixtieth birthday. Also send people nice treats at work if theyre down.