How do you stop gentrification when you *are* gentrification?

I am gentrification. I kill somewhere as soon as I move there, simply by virtue of being. I often move to places long before the first Costa Coffee arrives, but I am the rot. And so are most of you. Ironically, people like me moving to an area makes that area too expensive for people like me.

So, what are ya gonna do?

Hmm, interesting…

Early Catatonia lyrics etc


Reckon this could be a goer on a Tuesday morning, but not on Friday with lunchtime in sight.

The fact that it reads like a 15-year-old attempting to write in the style of the Fight Club narrator isn’t working in its favour either.


Agreed. But when you live a #55klifestyle you don’t always have the luxury of time.

you know who would find this interesting?


[details=Seriously Who?][details=C’mon who?][details=Tell me dammit, who?]NO-ONE YOU FUCKING CHUMP[/details][/details][/details]

Call it “regeneration”. Problem solved.

Has someone actually made a parody account of a parody account? We’re through the looking glass here.

Hello friend. Long time no speak. I hope you are keeping well.

Tyler Durrrrden.