How do you store your Record collection?

My Ikea Expedit is knackered (and discontinued), and I am wondering what other shelving solutions there are to replace it with beyond simply ordering a new Kallax.

So guys, how do you store your records when you are not listening to them? Storage cubes? Flight cases? Filing cabinet? Milk crates? Also using the unimaginative Expedit/Kallax option? Other shelving option? Let’s talk storage.

I have a couple of these stacked

They are called “Glorious 12” record boxes" and proper solid storage boxes.

I got a carpenter to build some bespoke shelves for me. They house turntables, mixer, amp and most of my vinyl. Was ideal for me as the space I need to fill was a bit, non standard I suppose you’d call it. At least I couldn’t find anything to fit there nicely.


Those look good and sturdy.

Also you can get boxes designed for 7" too, rather than awkwardly trying to fit them into spare space

Kallax x 2


yeah these are what I use too, nice and sturdy and had mine a couple years now without picking up any chips. Never stacked them though so can’t vouch for how stable etc they are.

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on the floor

That’s where I keep my records that have outgrown my shelves. I have also seen my housemate kick the side of them by accident when walking past :open_mouth:

I’ve not seen any 7" in this range but you can buy the little carry cases that could stack on top of a unit.

They are designed for stacking according to the box they came in and they were stable enough for me to have the record player sat on top of the stack for a little while with no problems. I’ll probably be getting a new one in the new year and go for the triple stack!

I already have 8 of those for my CDs. I don’t know why I have never thought about putting 7" in them. hmmmm

I put my albums in them, not sure they’d work with 7"s. Haven’t got that many 7"s, so I just keep them in a giant, like shoe box storage thing that I bought off eBay for about £8. Holds up to 80 7"s I think.

Nice one that’s good to know, planning to get another one in the new year too so will give it a go, cheers

Oh. I though you were using these CD towers for 7"!

(Although looking at the CD towers now they don’t seem deep enough)

I-cubes for me in various colours

have a shelf inside the top of my wardrobe

haven’t got a single one down in 2016

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Ban request.

just had a look and there were 15 LPs and a few 12"s. The rest my dad has put away for me somewhere and refuses to get down (the attic? god knows. hope they’re okay).