How do you store your Record collection?


I’ve got 4 of these at home for my CD’s. They’re pretty awesome and a good price


Oh no! My dad is the only person I know who is more obsessive about his records than me! He bought me my own turntable when I was 12 just so I would stop using his!


On top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies.


Mine are leaned against a little set of drawers under a window, so don’t get much foot traffic. Doesn’t look great though, have been meaning to construct something for them.


Isn’t the IKEA Kallax identical in cubby hole dimensions just with a thinner frame? Why not buy that?


In their sleevies
(Expedit x2)


Kallax (8x2)


kallax (4x2)


5x Ikea Valje. Each is mounted 90 degrees and on top of the last, in a corner. Got an LED strip velcro’d up the back for some cool lighting.

I’d love to take the credit but this was the missus’ idea…


Also functions as a shelf to put a cup of tea on when you’re sat on the sofa



These were £30 each from MUJI a few years ago, perfect size and very sturdy. There’s 2 on top of each other in the picture if you can’t tell.



I lean mine against the wall :sweat:


That is really amazingly clever, although the LEDs aren’t for me.


I’ve got these as well - muji pulp units right? Come in various configurations and I’ve moved with them lots of times so they are sturdy enough to have withstood a fair bit of abuse.


was considering getting one of these for cd’s and maybe the handful of singles I have:


Love it. That’s what Tomorrow’s World told us that the shelving of 2016 would look like :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s them, they’re basically indestructible!


Of course. It’s what anyone who isn’t a psychopath does.


used to do that, leant against the wall (not quite vertical) - then one day the sun shone on the extra bright and they were reduced to melty dali clocks (…well, somewhat warped). And from that day onwards I would proudly be what you call a ‘psychopath’!