How do you store your Record collection?


The only unacceptable (and psychopathic) answer to the question is this:



just rearranged mine.


Love this, top work! :slight_smile:


We store ours under the cat:


lovely JM!


Thanks, it’s just a squier vm one, but it’s an absolute joy to play


i’ve a squier vm jag, well overdue a setup but otherwise lovely guitar, yeah.


Yeah, I’ve not altered anything yet. I’m used to the bridge and I do occasionally lose my bottom E, so will have to get, I think it was the staytrem I decided on, and at that point I’ll think about getting it properly set up.


i just swapped for a Mustang bridge which does fine, it just still buzzes a bit which needs sorting



I’ve got the B&Q cube storage thing called …Konnect. It’s exactly like the kallax but with a backing board.


I see your LC! xmas album on the turntable there, nice work. It’s just occurred to me that I haven’t given mine a spin this festive period, and I’m disappointed in myself.

I’ve got a storage issue rn, I can fit 60 LPs in the cabinet under the turntable, but that’s full. Then there’s another 30ish sitting awkwardly on top of a chest of drawers, I place a lot of trust in the Sleater-Kinney box set acting as a bookend of sorts, stopping the records from dropping off the abbyss end and into my laundry bin. And I’m out of room there, so the remaining 30ish sit on the floor all undignified, sort of across from my bed, so atm I can see Anohni out of the corner of my eye looking up at me like “you know I deserve better than this”.


Salvaged heavy duty metal NHS shelving - note the 100% genuine ‘Poison’ label!

Ikea Snack crates on wheels fit beautifully under Lack tables

And dependable ol’ Benno for the small shiny discs (+ some more in the other corner)


7"s, illogically live in a 12" flight case.


Anyone else want to share how they store cd’s?

I need to get something for about 500 or so - was going to get a muji pulp to match my record storage but other options would be good. I have a fair few compilations that aren’t on spotify etc so being easily visible is handy.

I just have them stacked on top of furniture at the moment which is terrible as they fall over as soon as you try to pick one.


Just current stuff here:

I’ve got another of those units full of vinyl and boxes of CDs all over the place


Purpose built shelves. This is about 75% of what I own, the rest is shoved in storage/still at my parents place.


In our dining room we have bookcases floor to ceiling on two walls. Half-way up we have some bigger shelves and the vinyl runs alphabetically across the room at a good reaching height.

No pics cos it’s actually all upstairs while we’re having the kitchen done.


thinking of selling my records and my record player, quite a mammoth undertaking though tbh.