How do you store your Record collection?


The Manual :slight_smile:


Wondered if anyone would notice. Wasn’t staged. Just there as I was clearing through some stuff.


Holy shit this is the dream!


How can some of you own so many records!! Must be bloody expensive




Have the first, don’t have the second. Alas, a streamers life for me


Started buying when I was 13 (now 41) and music is my #1 passion (well joint equal with browsing Taylor Swift’s Instagram feed) so they’ve just built up over the years.

I do wonder how much it’s cost, but in some ways don’t want to know. They’re part of my life though. I can flick through and remember gigs, club nights, trips to new places and finding record shops…


I’m just worried I’d spend all my money on them and never listen to them! Like new records are expensive as fuck


Would you like to know where Saddam Hussein keeps his records?


Being old helps



I’m after some vinyl storage at the moment & I like the look of the i-cubes. The online reviews of the company are a bit concerning though - with 12-14 weeks wait for delivery appearing to be fairly routine & customer service being rubbish/non-responsive. Seems crazy for a couple of MDF boxes??

Would be interested to hear what your (and anyone else’s) experiences were of dealing with the company.


Better off just getting some Kallax from Ikea no? If you wanted the back bit like the i-cube you could just get some mdf strips and tack them on at the back.


I have a few i-cubes, I don’t remember them taking that long to arrive. They work out quite expensive, I second @thesewoodenideas though, get a few Kallax’s from Ikea, they don’t have the strip on the back but if you mount them against a wall it’s not so much of an issue.


Can anyone recommend a semi-decent record player to get that costs £80-100? `Currently thinking of either of these two:


To be honest mate you’d be wanting something a bit better than those. Save a bit more money and get something like this for a basic but solid entry point:

The crap styli, shit tonearm, no counterweight or antiskate on those other tables will just chew your records up in no time. Not much better than a Crosley.


yeah, i realised those two were balls after a wee look! i am now buying a JVC JL-A15 for £75 which has a counterweight and from all accounts is a decent piece of kit. Gonna have a listen to it first ofc :slight_smile: Thanks for the help!


No bother mate. Hope it works out for you.


Thanks @thesewoodenideas and @lastastronaut. The i-cubes were the compromise I settled on with Mrs Z who doesn’t want any more MDF/wood effect in the house. She wanted some kind of bespoke storage made, so after some wrangling when I said that would be really expensive and problematic if/when I needed to expand the storage we agreed on these.

These birch ones with the coloured interiors (this is the one I was looking at - I seem to have mistakenly typed mdf rather than plywood in the OP) look really smart, but it was a bit concerning that I could be looking at the back end of September or early October before they arrive. I appreciate online reviews need reading with a degree of caution, but there were so many with the same themes that I was interested in any creditable accounts. If your experience was better lastastronaut, maybe I’ll just give them a try and reset my expectations to wait around 12 weeks.


They look good, I only have the plain MDF ones which is maybe why they didn’t take that long to turn up. It was a few years ago but I honestly don’t remember them taking more than a couple of weeks. I ordered more subsequently, if they’d taken 12 weeks I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have ordered again!

Hope you’re not left waiting ages.