How do you store your Record collection?


Thanks LA, so do I! I might email them first to see if they have any idea of waiting times. The market is surprisingly small, so may well give them a go.


I have 1 set of IKEA ones, and CDs in IKEA Billy ones

When I needed more vinyl space I decided that was enough IKEA and got some ones made of wood from Etsy. Lots of people doing that sort of stuff on there. More expensive - but y’know


repurposing this thread:
the JVC JL-A15 that i bought sounds like utter shite on my amp, but sounded fine when i bought it. The fella i bought it from was using a vintage amp as well, which I am not. Could this be an issue?


What type of amp are you using ? Does it have a phono input, or do you just plug it into the aux ?


If your amp does not have an inbuilt phono stage then you may need a pre-amp for it to sound any good. If you’re plugging your turntable into a ‘phono’ input then it should have one, however if you’re just using an aux input into your amp it likely doesn’t and may well sound shite.


It’s all up here (I’m pointing to my head).


although it’s also worth noting that some amps (I’m looking a you cambridge audio) have inputs/ channels labelled “Phono” that do not actually have a phono stage. That led to a rapid trip to Richer Sounds


I am all in favour of making this a general vinyl/stereo thread.

This might be useful as well. Recently I discovered boxes from ‘Really Useful Boxes’ the 19XL are perfect for 12 inches, and they do a 7 inch too. Not cheap, but they have benefits over others I have tried. Picture shows this. The blue and white old fashioned ones on the shelf are handy, but can’t be stacked. The white cardboard one is cheap, but big…and if you fill it you can’t carry it easily.

So the product I mean is on the right. Sturdy, and best of all stackable. So you can ram quite a few 7s, 12s etc. into a small space. This is less for using day to day at home, and more chucking out of sight.


So, I took a chance on i-cube after posting in here. 15 weeks now since ordering - no communication since ordering & no response to the emails I’ve sent asking for an update/expected dispatch date.

Their reviews on trustpilot are horrendous - recent accounts of others ordering in March with nothing received in September! Yet they have the utter fucking brassneck to be currently running a black friday sale. Going to give them until the end of next week and then apply for a refund.

Complete joke of a company! :rage:


That is really shit, sorry to hear that. Clearly I was lucky.


Yeah, I was kinda braced for it to be honest -I paid on paypal in the hope that it would make any subsequent claim for a refund a bit easier.

I think initially dispatches were quite timely > then they were slow, but got to you in the end > and now it seems to be a complete lottery.

There’s a suggestion on some of the reviews that the handmade claim is a lie - and that the guy waits until he has enough orders to fill a shipping container and then bulk buys them in from China. Would make sense I guess :man_shrugging:


that sounds very plausible actually, if completely shitty.

I went for a large 6’x6’ Kallax from Ikea when I ran out of room in the i-cubes, got loads of room now, including books and blu-rays!


We’re currently rocking one Expedit and one Kallax. It works!


said Kallax with i-cubes at the far end;


Like this…Also on a book shelf and in a box by the player


Uninteresting post:

I own 13 records and I store em like this


I think I’ve moved with my muji pulp shelves one too many times as they are starting to be a bit too bashed up. Bit of a cable nightmare as well as we have a faulty socket we need mending. Have about another 100 albums elsewhere that got mixed up in recent flat move that I haven’t filed yet and another 80ish I’m trying to flog/give away.

Cleared out about 200 CDs so now effectively have a whole shelf available.


Vinyl & box-sets in Kallax, digital music in a Brennan B2 (wee black box on top of the Xbox), cassettes lined up like nice little soldiers, CDs (sans plastic) in giant wallets in a cupboard somewhere.